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Scottish & Southern Energy

Scottish & Southern Energy was formed in December 1998 following the no-premium merger of Scottish Hydro Electric and Southern Electric.

SSE owns around 10,500MW of electricity generation capacity, including its share of joint ventures and associates. This makes it the second largest electricity generator across the UK and Ireland. The capacity comprises 4,500MW of gas- and oil-fired capacity, 4,000MW of coal-fired capacity (with biomass 'co-firing' capability), and over 2,000MW of renewable capacity.

Energy Supply
SSE supplies electricity and gas to some 9 million customers within the UK's competitive electricity and gas supply market, with growth continuing in the current financial year. It is the second largest supplier of energy in the UK.

Electricity Networks
SSE is responsible for around 127,000km of overhead lines and underground cables, distributing electricity to 3.5 million homes, offices and businesses in the north of Scotland and central, southern England. SSE also owns and maintains the 132kV and 275kV electricity transmission network in the north of Scotland.

Gas Networks
SSE holds 50% of the equity of Scotia Gas Networks plc, which owns and operates the Scotland and the Southern gas distribution networks. The networks comprise some 74,000km of gas mains, delivering gas to around 5.7 million industrial, commercial and domestic customers.

Telecoms Networks
SSE Telecoms and Neos Networks operate an 8,000km UK-wide telecoms network, providing services to other telecoms providers, companies and public sector organisations.

Water Supply
SSE's subsidiary, SSE Water (SSEW), is the first new company to offer both water and sewerage services since privatisation in 1989. This followed the granting of an 'inset' appointment to SSEW.

SSE's Contracting business has three main areas of activity: industrial, commercial and domestic mechanical and electrical contracting; electrical and instrumentation engineering; and public and highway lighting. It is one of the largest mechanical and electrical contracting businesses in the UK.

Energy Services
SSE provides bespoke energy solutions featuring on-site or off-site dedicated wind turbines, solar thermal systems, solar photovoltaic systems and ground-source heat pumps. Its Energy Services division operates and maintains site-wide energy infrastructures of this kind that improve environmental performance over conventional alternatives.

Home Services
SSE supplies a range of electrical and gas appliances. We also offer maintenance and protection services for customers' gas and electrical systems, gas and electrical installation services and various call packages for home telephone users.

Gas Storage
SSE owns and operates the UK's largest onshore gas storage facility at Hornsea in East Yorkshire. Nine salt caverns have been leached into a salt layer 1.8km below the surface, creating 325 million cubic metres (mcm) of gas storage capacity.

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