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Glossary of Engineering Terms and Acronyms

Engineers, and engineering companies have their own language -
a language full of three letter acronyms (TLAs), bizare terms and sayings. Often these are related to a specific area, or discipline, e.g. offshore work. Even after 20 plus years in the industry you may still come across something new. We have included as many of these as possible and list them here to make your life easier.
There are two ways to search our Glossary. You can search for the exact term, or view the alphabetical list. If you cannot find a particular term, let us know and we will add it.


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Specialist Glossaries

We know that some disciplines and sectors of the profession have terms that would be more suited to specialist glossaries, so we have introduced the following:
Nuclear Glossary

Glossaries courtesy of
Relief Valve Glossary
C&I Glossary


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