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Andy Hilton, Operations Manager of ODE Ltd
Great Yarmouth Marine Base:

"I was introduced to Contractors Unlimited by a colleague. He suggested that I looked on Contractors Unlimited website and that I would be able to find all the information to help me make the decision to return to contracting. I find most articles of interest and helpful advice is everywhere. The newsletter is interesting and has articles that have elements that are applicable to what I'm doing."

Becoming a Contractor

Self employed, limited company, VAT, IR35, accountants, are all explained here:
Why and How to become
a Contractor »

Operating as a Contractor »
Keeping Records »
Finding a Contract »
Getting Paid »
Business Insurance »

Working Away From Home

A Contractors Unlimited guide to the areas where you may have to work:
Working in Aberdeen »
Working in Baku, Azerbaijan »
Working in Grangemouth »
Working in Reading »

Offshore Working

Offshore certificates, UKOOA medicals, and more all explained in these guides:
Working Offshore »
Offshore Medicals »
UK Heliports »
Vantage Cards »
Offshore Survival Certificates »
MIST Training »

Technical Toolbox

Useful resources in the form of charts, tables, definitions and links:
Technical Toolbox »

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