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TNK-BP May Increase Its Oil Export by 6% up to 38 Million Tons in 2010

TNK-BP TNK-BP may increase its oil export by 6% up to 38 million tons in 2010, Jonathan Kollek, Vice President, Sales, Trading and Logistics, TNK-BP.

The company is going to export approximately 2 million tons of oil next year from the Verkhnechonskoe field.

Mr. Kollek noted that TNK-BP has signed 5 one-year contracts for export of 30 million tons of oil and got one new partner. The oil export contracts of the company are based on a price formula.

According to Mr. Kollek, the oil export of the company by the end of 2009 will grow by 9% up to 35.82 million tons. The export of oil through the oil pipeline Druzhba will rise by 25% up to 13.351 million tons, railway export of oil will increase by 34% up to 3.494 million tons, and export of oil through seaports will decrease by 3% down to 18.975 million tons.

The oil supply to the domestic market will increase by 7% up to 7.885 million tons.

Posted 01/12/09

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