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Halliburton Awarded Integrated Turnkey Drilling Contract for South Ghawar

Halliburton Halliburton has been awarded the integrated turnkey drilling contract in South Ghawar. Located approximately 200 kilometers (124 miles) from the city of Dhahran, the Ghawar field is the world's largest oil field and the contract would involve work in Uthmaniyah, Haradh, Hawiyah and Shedgum.

The five-year contract, with an option for an additional five-year period, calls for the provision of drilling rigs, directional and horizontal drilling, logging while drilling, cementing, mud engineering, wireline logging, completion, perforating, and other well construction activities, including engineering and management of the entire drilling operations. The project is expected to utilise three to four rigs, and will involve between 153 and 185 oil production, water injection and evaluation wells.

This contract is Saudi Aramco's first-ever award for an integrated turnkey drilling contract and is an important part of Saudi Aramco's plan to explore new avenues of collaboration with major oil field services providers.

Ahmed Lotfy, Halliburton's Eastern Hemisphere president, said: "Our selection by Saudi Aramco for yet another project of this magnitude demonstrates its continued confidence in our ability to successfully execute complex and challenging operations. This contract award includes a full range of Halliburton's integrated technologies and services and provides a platform for future successes."

"This award builds on the success we delivered on the Khurais mega-project, reflecting our leading technologies and solid performance," added Gasser Badrashini, Halliburton's Middle East and North Africa regional vice president.

Halliburton has performed thousands of service operations for Saudi Aramco, delivering solutions for the state-owned oil company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for nearly 70 years. From well construction to fluid systems and from drilling and formation evaluation to production optimisation, Halliburton has worked in a multitude of different reservoirs and wells, ranging from basic to complex, with customised solutions for Saudi Aramco's Drilling and Workover and other Exploration and Production departments.

Posted 06/11/09

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