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The Vantage POB Tracking System

Vantage POB (Person on Board) is an internet based tracking tool that is widely used by oil companies, drilling companies and helicopter operators in UK waters and increasingly used for offshore work in Ireland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Why Have Vantage Cards Been Introduced?

The system has been introduced as an aid to improving offshore safety. Additionally, by providing a central recording system, it helps remove the need for duplicate training when moving between offshore assets.

FAQs about Vantage Cards and Contacts

What Does It Do?

Vantage POB holds up to date information on offshore workers' survival training records, medical cerificates, e.g. expiry date, trip history, and asset inductions. In the future it may hold details of other important competencies. This provides an electronic safety filter to ensure everyone travelling offshore has successfully completed the proper training. Additionally, the Vantage tracking system holds details of persons to contact in case of an emergency.

How Do I Use It?

Each time you check in at the heliport you will be asked to show your card to the check in clerk. The bar code will be scanned and your details checked. You will be asked to confirm emergency contact details. Note that with a Vantage Card you will still need your passport.

How Do I Get A Vantage Card?

Vantage ID Cards are available from the main UK offshore departure points. See our page on UK Heliports. If you do not have a card, the check-in clerk will arrange for you to get one. If you have one of the "old style" cards keep using it, they are still valid and will continue to be valid for some time yet. There will be no charge made to you for the card, or for a replacement should you lose it.

What Does The Card Look Like?

The card is the size of a credit card and contains your picture, your Vantage ID number (both written and in bar code form) and a couple of logos.

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