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E.ON UK is one of the UK's power and gas companies - generating and distributing electricity, and retailing power and gas - and is part of the E.ON group, the world's largest investor-owned power and gas company.

E.ON employs around 17,000 people in the UK. E.ON's retail business is an energy supplier in the UK with around 5.5 million electricity and gas customers, covering domestic, SME and industrial. E.ON also offers central heating and boiler care. E.ON's distribution business, branded Central Networks, provides a reliable supply to 9.4m people in central England through 133,000km of underground and overhead cables - enough to go round the Earth more than three times - and via almost 97,000 substations.

The company is currently building the £500m 1,275MW gas-fired CHP power station in Kent and the 180MW Robin Rigg offshore wind farm in the Solway Firth. It has permission to build a 1,200MW gas-fired power station at Drakelow in Derbyshire and has applied to build a 1,600MW cleaner coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth in Kent. E.ON is also currently building a gas storage facility at Holford in Cheshire. The company is a joint venture partner in the London Array, the world's largest offshore wind farm. Its green development portfolio could, if built, power a million homes and displace the emission of two million tonnes of CO2 a year.

EO.N is a renewable generator in the UK, with 21 wind farms located from Cornwall to Northern Ireland. Worldwide, the company investing €6 billion from 2007 to 2010 in their dedicated renewables and carbon sourcing business, E.ON Climate & Renewables.

E.ON Climate and Renewables operate 3 offshore wind farms in Europe, Blyth (4MW), Scroby Sands (60MW), both in UK waters and Nysted (33MW share of 166MW) in Danish Waters. E.ON Climate and Renewables has around 400 MW under construction Robin Rigg (180MW) in UK waters and Rödsand II (207MW) in Denmark and Alpha Ventus (26MW share of 60MW) in German waters.

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Last updated 03/03/09

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