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Scottish & Southern Energy and Airtricity

Airtricity is a renewable energy company developing and operating wind farms across Europe. The company is both a generator and supplier of electricity and currently supplies green electricity to over 38,000 commercial customers in Ireland.

Airtricity has 14 wind farms in operation throughout Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland resulting in almost 400MW. A further 9 wind farms totalling almost 400MW are under construction with a global pipeline of over 10,000MW.

In January 2008, the sale of Airtricity was completed to Scottish and Southern Energy Plc.

Scottish and Southern Energy ("SSE"), headquartered in Perth, in Scotland, is an integrated electricity and gas provider, listed on the London Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation of around €19 billion. SSE is the UK's largest generator of renewable energy, owning and operating over 1,300MW of hydro and one of the UK's largest operational wind farms. Overall, SSE has four operational wind farms in the UK, with a total installed capacity of almost 170MW, and four wind farms at various stages in the construction process with a total capacity of almost 150MW.

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Last updated 21/01/09

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