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Subsea 7 Announce TOTAL E&P UK PLC Contract Award

Global subsea contractor, Subsea 7 have announced a $70m (USD) contract award from TOTAL E&P UK PLC for the Frigg UK Pipeline (FUKA) subsea bypasses of platforms Frigg TP1 and MCP-01 in the North Sea to allow for their future decommissioning.

The installation of the subsea bypasses are required to allow for the future decommissioning of the Frigg TP1 and the MCP-01 platforms by connecting 24" North Alwyn pipeline to the 32" FUKA (Line 1) at Frigg. TOTAL's initial requirement was based upon installing towed pipe, hooked up with spoolpieces by way of hyperbaric welding at the ends for all the bypasses. However, for TP1 bypass Subsea 7 devised an alternative solution utilising a bypass pigging skid, which was the key to winning the work.

The bypass skid houses a removable 'U' pipe loop which incorporates a 24" to 32" transition piece. This pipe loop can be removed and replaced by pig launcher/receivers for both 24" and 32" pipe diameters removing the necessity for dual diameter pigs. The skid will also contain isolating valves and bypass pipework to allow future pigging operations.

The decommissioning of MCP-01 platform requires the re-routing of the existing two 32" trunklines to pass around the platform structure as they will continue to be in use. The award makes provision for one of these to be completed in 2004 and the other in 2005.

The project, which will be both managed and executed by Subsea 7, will take place in two stages and will be completed in August 2005. Detailed engineering is currently being undertaken by Subsea 7's engineering department, which comprises over 200 qualified personnel, and the procurement of the critical materials is already progressing. The first and second phases of the offshore installation will utilise the most advanced diving support vessels (DSVs) in the North Sea, Toisa Polaris and Pelican. In total over 150 vessel days will be used.

Additionally the work involves Subsea 7's manufacturing facility at Wick which currently employs over 100 personnel, to produce the bundled pipeline technology which is unique to Subsea 7. This will provide continuity of work for the personnel who are currently employed in fabricating the DNO Broom bundle due to launch in May 2004.

Subsea 7 is currently bidding a number of other UK decommissioning projects which will involve the complete removal of the subsea infrastructure including the Frigg and MCP-01 platform and BP's Hutton platform.

Added to site on 23/02/04


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