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Dong Energy

Dong Energy is one of Northern Europe's leading energy groups. Headquartered in Denmark, the business is based on procuring, producing, distributing, trading and selling energy and related products in Northern Europe. The company delivered revenues of DKK 60 billion in 2008 (approx. EUR 8.2 billion). DONG Energy has approximately 5,500 employees.

The renewables business of DONG Energy is one of the company's major growth areas with planned substantial investments in new offshore and onshore wind energy developments over the coming years. The growth strategy is backed by a strong in-house team of wind power developers, engineers, project managers and O&M staff presently counting more than 200 dedicated wind specialists.

DONG Energy operates in offshore wind power, having built around half of all offshore wind farms globally. The UK is one of DONG Energy's primary markets for offshore wind. DONG Energy is the sole owner of the 90MW Burbo Bank and 50% owner of the 90MW Barrow project, both of which are in commercial operation in the East Irish Sea. The Gunfleet Sands I+II (total 172MW) commenced construction in early 2008 in the Thames Estuary and are scheduled for commercial operation by the end of 2009. On April 22nd 2009 DONG Energy announced it was to build the two wind farms Walney I and II in the Irish Sea. Further, DONG Energy has a substantial pipeline of offshore wind projects in UK which are currently under planning and development.

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Last updated 12/05/09

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