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What insurance should I have?

Using their knowledge and experience of the energy sector, Kingsbridge has designed a package of cover specifically for Limited company contractors. It includes everything you need to meet your contractual obligations and cover your main exposures.

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Summarised below are explanations of each of the covers provided in their unique package and why they are appropriate for you:

Professional Indemnity: This provides cover if you are accused of professional negligence, errors or omissions and giving bad advice. It will also cover you for any loss of documents, loss of data and a breach of confidentiality.

Public Liability: Public liability insurance provides cover if someone is injured or third party property is damaged as a result of your actions while carrying out your job.

Operational Personal Accident Cover: Personal accident insurance protects you financially if the worst happens and you cannot do your job following an injury at work. Kingsbridge offer up to £500 per week towards living costs and up to £100,000 death and disablement pay-out.

Employers Liability: Employers' liability is compulsory for almost all UK businesses. If you need to comply with a standardised contract, your client may insist on it - whatever your set-up. It will also cover anyone working for you in an admin or clerical role.

Directors and Officers: If you are a director, you can be held personally liable for your actions when running your business. If someone claims against you, this will cover your legal costs.

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Why Do I Need Business Insurance?

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