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Eni Sign Framework Agreement for Scientific Co-operation with Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

ENI Logo Today, at the Eni's office in Rome, the framework agreement between Eni and the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR, the national council of researches) has been signed for the start of a strategic co-operation in the field of scientific and technologic research.

The agreement, which will have an initial duration of three years, regulates the co-operation between Eni and CNR and, in particular, details the ownership and utilisation rights of the results achieved as a part of the activities.

The agreement facilitates the start up and realisation of new joint research activities and strengthens further on the co-operation between Eni and CNR, which currently takes place across several scientific and technologic areas. Areas such as experimentation on progressive organic solar cells, environmental monitoring aimed at the sustainability of research and hydrocarbon production, innovative technologies of polluted ground drainage, and advanced research in the fields of seismology, mineralogy and petrography.

For Eni, technological innovation, both in its core business and in the range of sources of non-conventional energy and environmental protection, represents an indispensable lever for the sustainability of the energy development. Therefore, innovation remains an essential part of the company's medium-long term strategy. From this point of view, Eni has developed a system of strategic alliances and scientific co-operation with Italian and international universities, institutes and research companies whose excellence is appreciated at an international level.

In addition, important framework agreements signed by Eni with the Politecnico of Milan and Turin are the point of reference for many ongoing co-operation agreements, which are in place and are to be defined in conjunction with these Universities. These include initiatives ranging from the research and development of the most advanced technologies in upstream oil and gas, to the development and optimization of the industrial processes of petrochemical and refining, and the study of internal combustion motors of new generation fuel for the optimisation of consumption and the minimisation of polluting emissions.

Eni, furthermore, has signed last year an important alliance with the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology of Boston in particular for the development of innovative technologies in the solar field.

Published 21/12/09

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