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ATP Award Contract to Clough's Normand Clipper

Clough On 16 November 2009, Engineering and Construction Company Clough Limited was contracted by US offshore oil and gas services company, Bluewater Industries, to provide installation support services associated with innovative ATP Telemark Hub Project in the Gulf of Mexico.

The scope of work includes utilising Clough's offshore construction vessel, Normand Clipper, to provide accommodation, construction crew transfer, fuel bunkering services, and storage and transfer of construction materials required for platform installation activities. The Normand Clipper was selected for the job due to accommodation quality, fuel carrying and transfer ability, deck size and crane lifting and sea keeping capabilities.

ATP's Telemark Hub project will utilise a self contained floating drilling and production triple-column spar structure, the ATP Titan. This is the first hull configuration of this kind, comprising three columns linked by pontoons and offering higher variable load capacity and enhanced stability over traditional single-hulled spars. The development is expected to more than double ATP's existing production in 2010.

The ATP Titan hull was transported to site and upended to the vertical on 15 November 2009 to start the process of mooring to the seabed 1160m below. Works to the inside of the hull will be carried out prior to topsides deck and module installation, hook-up and commissioning. The anticipated duration of the work for the Normand Clipper will be between 30 - 45 days.

Published 08/12/09

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