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Scottish and Southern Energy - Joint Venture in Dutch Wind farm Development

Scottish & Southern Energy Scottish and Southern Energy plc ("SSE") has entered into an agreement with DONG Energy to form a 50:50 joint venture to take forward the development of three offshore wind farms, with a total capacity of just over 1,000MW (megawatts), which SSE has the right to develop in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. The consented projects are: Den Helder I, Breeveertien II and West Rijn wind farms.

The timing of future developments and any investment decision will be dependent upon, amongst other things, the extent of the financial support for offshore wind farms available from the Dutch government through its renewables support mechanism.

Ian Marchant, Chief Executive of SSE, said:

"SSE is aiming to develop a substantial portfolio of offshore wind farm assets in northern Europe and we believe that there is real value in working with experienced and skilled partners like DONG Energy to make sure that the full potential of projects is realised and the risks associated with them kept to the minimum possible.

"Offshore wind projects continue to be dependent upon appropriate support regimes being in place and the successful development of these Dutch assets will be no different."

Posted 02/12/09

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