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KBR Awarded Clean Coal Contract by Beijing Guoneng Yinghui Clean Energy Engineering

KBR KBR has been awarded a contract by Beijing Guoneng Yinghui Clean Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. (Beijing Guoneng) to provide licensing, engineering services and proprietary equipment for the implementation of KBR's and Southern Company's Transport Integrated Gasification technology (TRIG(TM)) at a Dongguan IGCC Power Plant in Guandong Province, People's Republic of China.

The contract award marks China as the site for the first worldwide commercial implementation of the TRIG(TM) technology with the goal of producing low-emission, coal-based electricity. The TRIG(TM) technology will enable Dongguan to tap into affordable, low rank coal reserves that would otherwise be uneconomic to develop. Once on stream, TRIG(TM) will help provide clean, reliable and affordable coal-based electricity for one of the most populous regions in the world. Work is expected to begin immediately.

TRIG(TM) coal gasification technology was co-developed with the Southern Company and others and in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

"KBR is proud that TRIG(TM) was selected for this historic implementation in China by virtue of TRIG(TM) technology's fit with Beijing Guoneng's long-term business objectives," said John Rose, Group President, KBR Hydrocarbons. "We look forward to helping our client address the region's need for new energy sources in an environmentally responsible way."

Dongguan IGCC Power Plant is the first phase of the total 920MW Sun State IGCC Power Project developed by Beijing Guoneng. This phase of the IGCC Power Plant will generate 120MW of electric power. It is scheduled to be commissioned by February 2011. The second phase will be an 800MW IGCC Power Plant. It is estimated to be completed by 2012.

Published 18/09/09

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What Does China Think?

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