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Uvat District of Tyumen Region To Become one of New Centres of Russian Oil Production

TNK-BP logoThe south of the Tyumen Region will become one of the new centres of Russian oil production. The Uvat District was a backwater district of the Tyumen Region until recently. Now, TNK-BP is implementing a large-scale multi-billion project that will build a new oil and gas bearing province here from scratch.

The oil-related prospects of Uvat were debated back in the 1970s, but oil production was not really discussed in these debates. Currently, this oil province has no electric power network, no roads, no construction camps, and no pipelines. The twelve license areas of TNK-BP in the Uvat group of fields contain many small fields scattered over a vast territory. Preparatory works of the first stage are now underway in these areas for creating an efficient infrastructure, including roads and power transmission lines.

Commencement of works in Uvat opens up new vista for the Tymen Region and new prospects for increasing the tax base of the region and stabilizing its income in the conditions of ageing and long-developed fields. Development of the Uvat group of fields will raise the population employment level and, after construction of a contemporary industrial and social infrastructure, will improve the economic situation in the entire region.

The agreement of strategic cooperation between the Tyumen Region Administration and TNK-BP was signed in summer 2004 and implies development of hard-to-recover reserves in nearly depleted fields of the region, production of hydrocarbons in the Uvat District, and integration of new advanced technologies. Late last year, the partners revised and refined their near-term plans related to the project. According to these plans, investments into exploration and development of the Uvat fields will amount to 19 billion rubles this year and exceed 64 billion rubles in 2007-2009.

The south of the Tyumen Region is preparing to become a new center of Russian oil production. Recently, the Tyumen Region Administration informed that the State Reserves Commission corroborated the resources of the seven newly discovered fields in the Uvat District. According to estimates, the total reserves of oil in the south of Tyumen Region exceed one billion tons.

Five of these newly discovered fields are situated in the license areas of TNK-BP subsidiaries. The billionth ton of oil was explored by TNK-Uvat in the Kosukhin field, named so after the first head of the Tyumen Oil and Gas University.

"This is a landmark achievement of our geologists and a team of professions of TNK-BP, a major investor into the oil and gas industry of our region," said Sergey Prozorov, Director of the Subsoil Use and Ecology Department of the Tyumen Region. "It is an excellent example of cooperation between the state and a private company, which yielded an unprecedented rate of growth of geological exploration works and increment of reserves."

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Posted 22/02/07


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