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Kovykta Gas Pipeline Operational Plans

TNK-BP logoThe East Siberia Gas Company is planning to put into operation the gas pipeline from the Kovykta field to the Zhigalovo Settlement in the Irkutsk Region in September 2007 and start supplying network gas through this pipeline, Alexei Sobol, General Director of the East Siberia Gas Company, said to Interfax.

The company is going to complete construction of the Kovykta–Zhigalovo 112-km—long trunk gas pipeline and all its infrastructure by June 2007 and test it this summer.

According to the General Director, the company completed construction of a circular gas pipeline in Zhigalovo in 2006. During the construction of the Kovykta–Zhigalovo trunk gas pipeline, the company laid the pipeline and its reserve line across the Lena River.

The East Siberia Gas Company was established on March 11, 2004 by the Administration of the Irkutsk Region and TNK-BP on parity basis for construction and operation of a gas pipeline from the Kovykta gas condensate field, supply of gas to enterprises and the population of the region, and development of gas-distribution networks and allied industries. Presumably, the Kovykta–Sayansk–Irkutsk gas pipeline will be 645 km long, the construction works will take 2 years, and gas supply to main consumers will start in mid—2008.

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Posted 18/01/07


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