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Halliburton Acquires Thermatek™ Technology

HalliburtonHalliburton's Energy Services Group has increased its stake in Thermatek™ underground fluid invasion technology by acquiring all rights and intellectual properties for the technology, less than two years after acquiring the global license for its use.

"One of the primary applications for Thermatek technology is water management, which is a growing challenge in the industry," said Jim Prestidge, production enhancement vice president, Halliburton's Production Optimization Division. "Controlling water downhole at the source delivers both technical and environmental advantages by minimizing the production of unnecessary water and extends recoverable reserves while improving hydrocarbon production. In short, the Thermatek technology helps our customers maximize revenue from an asset while minimizing costs for better economics overall."

The Thermatek technology has had a direct impact on Halliburton's ability to shut off high levels of water production in long horizontal, screened completions and control lost circulation. It has been used for customers in the North Sea, Oman, Indonesia, and Mexico and integrates the full capability of Halliburton's experienced applications engineering, including its coiled tubing services.

In the North Sea, the Thermateksm fluid invasion control service was used to shut off all flow from a watered-out horizontal well section to enable reperforating into the migrated oil rim. The operator needed to seal a four-inch by seven-inch casing annulus in a horizontal well section located immediately above 3,000 feet of four-inch sand screens in order to prevent preferential production from the watered out horizontal. Halliburton devised an intervention for coiled tubing deployment and engineered formulation of Thermatek zonal-isolation material, which was designed to rapidly set, preventing flow into the screened pack. The treatment was mixed, placed and pressure tested within a single 12-hour shift and the isolation was completely successful with 1,000 pounds per square inch held on the plug for 15 minutes to prove 100 percent isolation of the annulus. Ten months after the intervention, the well was still producing 2,000 barrels of oil per day with minimal water cut.

"Acquisition of the Thermatek technology and the rights to all intellectual properties is the most recent example of Halliburton's commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions to our global customers," said Jim Renfroe, senior vice president, Production Optimization Division.

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Posted 02/06/05


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